Friday, April 30, 2010


Just getting ready to go home on Fri night. Rufus is so ready to go home. Got the oil tank finished and Oil pump on. Got to do costumer work all day tomorrow. Boo Hiss. The article in hemmings is out and its really cool. I also got a phone call asking me to Press Day 4 the Newport concourse D'Elegance . Sounds like it should be a good time. Word is Mercedes is gonna have ride and drives in the new gull wing.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Award winning Film maker Brian Darwas is going to follow the build and ride of myself and Jon Siszlay as we revive The Harley Indian wars of years past. Jon and I are racing on similar 1911 machines but I am riding the superior Indian and he is on one of them belt drive Harley tinker toys. Brian's other films "The Road to Bonneville" and "The Devil at you feet" are cool as hell check em out. We are amped to have him!!!

I will be bloging my progress on my Bike build and endurance race. With 5 months to go I am under the gun to finish my bike and prepare myself physic

I just returned from the swap/show in Oley PA. I had a blast. Traded all the green paper I had for motorcycle parts. Got almost everything I need to finish my bike. Things are looking good. check out the killer seat I found.

One piece at a time just like ol Johnny Cash